I am a Florida Girl, born and raised.  I have lived most of my life in Arcadia, graduated with honors from Desoto County High School and went to College at Edison State.  In 2005 I became a licensed real estate agent and began my career working for a small, but busy firm. It was the height of the real estate boom in Florida and a valuable learning experience for me as an agent.  I was able to write a number of contracts and negotiate deals as a novice agent under the guidance of some experienced agents.  I don’t know if I would have been able to learn so much had the market not been a little crazy then!


In 2013, after taking a few years off to be a stay at home mother to my two children, Addison  and Brayden, I went back to work at a firm in Arcadia, again gaining valuable training in a very different market.  When I decided to stay home with my children, foreclosures and bank owned properties had not hit their peak and I had a lot of catching up to do!  While I had remained interested and up to date in the local market conditions, I was unprepared for all the regulations involved with selling a REO property.  Working during this time allowed me to slowly become associated with the regulations in selling distressed properties.   As an agent, every day is a learning experience!


In 2015, I decided to once again to open myself up to new opportunities expand my service area to include Charlotte and Sarasota Counties.  This move has allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people who have turned into great friends along the way.  I have learned even more about the fantastic communities in Charlotte and Sarasota and got a much greater appreciation for the “city”!


In the many years I have had my license, I have been able to work with numerous home owners and buyers allowing me to broaden my perspective of the unique needs of each side of a real estate transaction.  For me, true accomplishment comes through my customers; they are the heart of my business!  To experience with my customer the joy and accomplishment of signing documents to purchase a home or the thrill of a homeowner selling their home to walk into the next phase of their life is an outstanding way to earn a living!